Damaged a shipment to Canda. Put in a claim for $6700, over 120 days later still not been paid (getting ready to file suit in small claims court).

They offered me $1800 and I could keep the damaged freight (what a joke). We tried to get damaged product off our customers floor, they refused to pick it back up. Be carefull when using this company because if they damage your freight they will try to get out of paying the claim. Also had an issue with weight, I had shipped a pallet that weighed 1200 lb.

they said they reweighed it and it came out to be 1800 lb.

and tried to charge me more money.

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Funny how the May 31st reply from R&L carriers looks exactly like the replay on another site in regards to damaged goods....just saying


R&L Damaged my freight as well. The company expected a home owner to help unload an 800 lb pallet with 15 minute notice from a very rude customer service representative name Tesondra. The driver dropped the pallet off the back of his truck and the claims department says it is not there responsibility because we did not note the damage that was hidden in all the packaging on the delivery receipt. How are you suppose to know unless you make the driver wait while it is all unpackaged. You pay for insurance and they decline it is that how they keep there claims numbers down. I guess there aren't many options than take the driver to court and R&L.

This appears to be a very underhanded company that really doesn't care about what or how they do things.

Don't use R&L for anything find another carrier!


We have a proven track record of over 98% on time delivery performance with a claims ratio that remains well under 1%. These are two major factors in a successful transportation provider, but more importantly a peace of mind for our customers.

We are always interested in continuous improvement opportunities and we value your feedback. Please visit our We Care page on our website at rlcarriers.com to provide input to leadership.


Shipping 1200 lb pallets means u r weighing product and the carriers are weighing pallets. It's time for your company to find a commission freight auditor/claims guy.

They will NOT pkup the damaged merchandise,that would place them in a position of responsibility. Make sure ur customer keeps ALL packing materials and ask R& L for an " inspection", get ALL the photos from the consignee including detailed packaging to help in court if it goes that far. Watch yourself, your product may have been shipped under a "released value rate" to lessen ur frt charges, then you will NOT get full replacement value. ALL transportation carriers have RELEASED VALUEs on their bills of lading.

Again a frt auditor/ claims agent can get this corrected. It's a pain,but DO NOT move this merchandise,once you do you have ASSUMED 100% of the losses.

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