Trust me. They will damage or lose your stuff. And when they do, they will make up any excuse they can to hide it and/or not pay.

I am a well seasoned claims representative with well over 1000 claims filed; very savvy in transportation law and the NMFC. I have never ONCE had a successful full paid claim with R&L. A recent shipment takes the cake.

Shipper calls for pick up, freight is loaded. Shipper obtains additional insurance through an outside cargo insurance provider for $10000 to make sure freight is fully covered for damage and loss (R&L's used merchandise only pays 10 cents a pound) Driver has shipper sign the BOL. AFTER the shipper signs, driver notates the BOL "Unprotected freight. Shipper's risk. R&L not liable for damages" unbeknownst to the shipper. Freight arrives at destination completely and utterly destroyed. Receiver refuses freight. R&L states the following: when the freight is refused, freight is returned to the shipper at the shipper's cost due to the "disclaimer" notated on the BOL. R&L refuses to provide pictures of the damage prior to transporting the freight back to the shipper saying it is "against company policy", even though damage must be documented prior to any further transportation for outside cargo insurance claim. R&L further refuses to have a damage report prepared by a third party inspector despite the shipper's repeated requests to do so "We cannot have inspectors on our dock due to liability issues" (yet Joe Public is more than welcome to come pick their freight up on the dock...). R&L then informs the shipper that in order to return the freight to them for repair or damage assessment, they must agree to absorb another $1000 in freight charges (on top of the $1000 they've already paid, and an additional $1000 it will cost to reship the merchandise) because of the "disclaimer". (In another instance, we were told that a free astray damage return was not possible due to the receiver accepting the freight. Apparently, it doesnt matter if it's accepted or refused, they will charge you anyway). When asked what would happen if the shipper refused to pay the return charges, the shipper was told that they would charge storage fees totalling up to $100/day!!!!!

This company is shady as *** and don't give a *** about their customer! This is not the only instance, every single claim I've ever filed with them has been outright denied or paid at settlement (lower than the claimed amount), even if youve dotted every I and crossed every T in accordance to the requirements set forth by the NMFC in reference to freight claims. None of them have an ounce of integrity and will gouge every cent they can out of you on top of busting up your freight. Once they even left a pallet in the customer's alley way when they weren't even home and left it there without even so much as a delivery signature and they STILL didn't pay the claim when the freight was broken.

The only way I would ship anything on their trucks is to use the following checklist:

Do not let the driver do anything but sign the BOL. And when he does make a copy for your records lest he decides to alter it after he leaves

Don't let the driver bully you into not inspecting the freight. Its your responsibility and right and he CANNOT leave without a signature. Tear your pallet APART and document even the slightest ding in the packaging if you have to on the delivery receipt.

Make sure you are aware of tariff liability limitations. R&L pays per pound per class unless you have a FAK which, with them, is generally unheard of. USED EQUIPMENT PAYS .10 A POUND. purchase cargo insurance.

If your shipment is time sensitive, pay to have it guaranteed or else they can deliver it a month late if they feel like it.

Even doing all of these things can't guarantee these shady jerks won't find a way out, but it will help ALOT.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Lowell, Massachusetts, United States #620032

I was going to comment but reading on further, Logistics GURU , I think wrote it all in a nut shell. whats the name of the company you work for?


We have a proven track record of over 98% on time delivery performance with a claims ratio that remains well under 1% which continues to be second to none in the industry. These are two major factors in a successful transportation provider, but more importantly for peace of mind for our customers.

If you have a concern about a claim, status is easily obtained by contacting us at 800-543-5589 x2006. Reference the claim number and they’ll be glad to assist.

to R+L Carriers #596665

For being freight savvy in NMFC law you must know all carriers have a per pound liability for claims. The driver is the first line of defense of handling the freight correctly.

If it is not packaged properly there are 2 things that will happen. 1. The driver will sign the bill like you indicated or 2. The driver will not accept poorly packaged freight.

Most shippers do not want to package their freight correctly. So when something gets damaged it's the carriers fault. WRONG! It starts when a decision is made not to protect the freight.

Here is the major problem, you have not kept up with the changes the NMFC has been going through. Most items are moving to a density vs class. Per pound claim is listed in the tariff rules that is on every carriers website. I work with various carriers.

IF you educate your customers as to what they should do when the freight arrives a lot of these problems go away. To blame the carrier for uneducated customers is the shippers responsibility and does not fall to the carrier. By the way, when shipping wrapped pallets and the driver signs for 1 SWP, you need to stop the driver and tell him to count the number of boxes and the bol will change to 24 boxes on 1 swp. To be proactive call the carrier and tell them what you have shipping and how it is packaged.

They can work with you on how to class your freight and how to protect it.

Carriers want your business not to run off business.

to Logistics GURU #856261

WELL Done :)

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