This company is a JOKE. BEWARE, DO NOT WORK FOR THEM!!

My husband is an experienced CDL driver, he applied for and was hired for a City driver, local pick up and drop off position. Day 1 on the job, he comes in to work, no one knew he was starting that day, they put him in a room, had him watch videos from 8 am to 2:30 pm and then sent him to Harrisburg BY HIMSELF (we live right outside Philadelphia so it's at least 2-3 hours away). No training, no orientation, NOTHING. He expressed his concerns over the fact that they had him doing line hauls when he was hired for LOCAL work, but because he is a hard worker and typically good employee he got in the truck and went and didn't get home until midnight.

Day 2 on the job, he goes to work- they send him to Harrisburg AGAIN (at 10 in the morning), alone, and tell him when he gets back, he's then expected to go to Baltimore, Maryland! Another 3 hour one way drive!! Legally he wouldn't even have enough log hours left to do both trips in one day! Again, despite this not being the job he applied, interviewed, and was hired for, he gets in the truck and goes to Harrisburg because the manager of the company conveniently wouldn't be in until 1 pm.

He gets back from Harrisburg at 3:45pm (and is still expected to go to Baltimore and back this evening). Upon returning to his terminal he speaks with his manager who "didn't know they were sending him on 2 line hauls" and when my husband asked how long this manager knew he intended to have him do line hauls instead of the local pick up and drop off he stated he knew it for at least a week prior to my husband starting the job but failed to ever communicate this to my husband. They hired him, took advantage of the fact that he is a hard working, good person with a family to feed and were completely deceitful in their intentions for him. If you look on the R+L website, you'll see that they are offering a $1000 sign on bonus for drivers who are hired for line hauls, and when my husband inquired about this since that's what they had him doing, he was told he was "not eligible because that's not the job he applied for".

REALLY?!! So they baited my husband to come work for them, offering him one job, and once they had him, decided they were going to give him no other option but to do the work given to him, and not properly compensate him for it. I had heard of R+L practicing this way from other posts on the internet, but was hoping my husband would have a different experience. NOT.

LIARS, CHEATERS, STEALERS these people are, and because my husband refused to be out all hours of the night for a job he didn't even sign up for, they fired him. Real classy.

Just an example of the way this company chooses to operate and treat their employees. Terrible, terrible, terrible!!

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My wife and I team drive linehaul at r+l and are very happy. We too watched videos on our first day and then were given a truck and sent on our way.

I appreciate no orientation. We already know how to drive a truck. R and L does a lengthy background check on all drivers. They ran a criminal and driving record check on us that went back to my 1st license at 16.

They trusted your husband knew how to drive. My wife and I make the most money we have ever made trucking here. 90k a year each. Home every night for 4 hrs and off 2 full days every weekend.

The drivers I know are also happy and have been here 10 plus years. We will retire here.

I hate seeing my company drug through the mud. They are the best We have worked for in 25yrs of trucking for me and 15 for her.


Your full of it. No manager comes in at that time unless he was covering for another person on his staff, your husband was hired as a combo which means he goes where they need him.

Did he not get a check?

Did you not eat? Sounds like your a couple of babies and want to cry about your husband having to sit on his *** and get a good wage for it..

Dayton, Ohio, United States #747312

Thats totally made up

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