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We struggled to raise money to purchase a convection oven for our non-profit that utilizes a small commercial kitchen to produce meals for underprivileged and also support other non-profits.

After months of searching, we found an oven within our budget. R&L was chosen by the restaurant equipment supplier as the carrier. We did not know one carrier from the other, we were interested in the ovens.

As it turned out, R&L damaged the ovens beyond use while in transit, and then concealed the damage - purposely. We signed for the property, and called within 20 minutes of noting damage. Driver told us, "Oh well, you signed for it." Customer service was even worse on the phone. They could not care less, and made that obvious.

Claim was filed within their time frame, but claim was denied because it was received without noting damage. However, the damage was concealed purposely by their personnel. We know this because the seller sent us photos of their packaging after we started the claim process. The phone call to claims was even more insulting. They laughed on the phone when we said we would argue the decision.

Congratulations on ripping off ladies that run a soup kitchen. Wow, You must be so proud of yourselves!

Regarding the pictures, the black plastic is what was shipped, the damage you can see. One picture of the bottom oven is what it looked like before they destroyed it. Now, the doors do not close or open. The damage is more than what it worth now. Thanks for your outstanding work.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Ease of communication, Their website.

I didn't like: Lack of empathy, Unprofessionalism, Attitude of claims personnel, Existing reputation online.

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R&L will never pay a claim on a FREE AND CLEAR signed BOL. Most freight companies will not do it.

We had R&L start to move our delivery to the back of the truck and it rolled off (due to a hill).

They claimed a clause saying if they help unloading they aren't responsible. Yet, they weren't helping to unload, they were just moving it to the back of the truck and the 2000lbs item almost landed on their driver as he fell off the back and nearly got crushed.

They are snakes like a few more freight companies!!


A local sheet metal company donated several thousands of dollars of man hours and material to fix what the incompetents of R&L damaged. However, we discovered more damage from their *handling*.

Electronic ignition circuit board broken, internal gas lines broken, stablizer support pins snapped, etc.

All this was internal damage which was not there before shipping, then after R&L got involved, it became apparent as we spent 7 months rebuilding the oven. I will dance and be a happy man when this company folds due to their worthless business policies.


First of all, I would like to express my sympathies to the soup kitchen ppl for their plight. But I would like to thank them for the advance warning.

Our company (home fragrance company) just started an account with these clowns.

If they can ruin a soup kitchen oven, imagine what they'll do to our products!! We've switched freight companies like musical chairs but it looks like the switcheroo will continue.


This is not an isolated incident. There is documented, repeated history with this firm mishandling items they were entrusted to transport without damage.

See here: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/retail/r-l-carriers.html

Inherently, you are paying for quality service ... it is reasonable and customary to expect to receive undamaged freight.

That is their business, shipping goods from one location to another, as a trusted partner. Purposely concealing damage and then hiding behind a disclaimer on a piece of paper is unacceptable and predatory.

West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States #924222

this is why you do NOT sign for anything before opening it. jeez when will people learn to take responsibility for themselves.

yes it's clearly damaged that's not disputed but you admit you signed for it WITHOUT looking at it.

guess what? as bad and rude as this might sound , it's YOUR fault for not checking it.

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